What is Prehab?

Prehab is a sports specific exercise assessment that determines an athlete’s major limitations and vulnerabilities. Prehab encompasses a full body evaluation which consists of a postural assessment, a functional movement screen, and manual muscle testing. A person’s major limitations are then targeted and an individual corrective program will be designed in order to prevent and limit injuries from occurring. Prehab is a continually evolving process that parallels a humans’ constant state of progression and development.

Who Should Prehab?

Everyone. While exercisers of all levels should include prehab in their training, the more you train, the greater the need for a prehab program. As you develop within a sport or particular exercise program, your body adapts to the specific physical demands of training. Consequently, repetitive movements and repeated techniques can cause tightness of muscle groups, and disproportion of strength, coordination and muscle stabilization. These imbalances are all too often the foundation of subsequent training injuries and may predispose you to a greater risk of injury during training.

How to Prehab?

There is no one answer to “how to prehab” as all programs are personalized to focus on the sports specific needs of the individual. All programs balance range of motion, strength, coordination and stabilization. If one of these components is not in balance, your body will try to compensate for this loss of efficiency. As a result, you will experience a loss of energy which can eventually lead to injury. Prehab thus enables optimal levels of performance.

When to Prehab?

Prehab should be practiced before an injury. Unfortunately, it often takes several injuries to initiate a prehab program. Depending upon a person’s training cycle and the results of the assessment, prehab corrective exercises will be incorporated into your daily training. These exercises may be performed at the gym or at the convenience of your home. A prehab program should be a regular part of your training routine and will be continually updated to match your progress.